Creative Learning Millennium Diary
A Daily Journal for 2001
Recording a Momentous Transformation in the Prospects for
a Positive Future World
How It Began
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  This site contains all the entries of a fictitious journal recounting how the Millennium Year of 2001 becomes a year of momentous transformation in the prospects for a positive future world. You are invited to follow the story and spread its message widely to others.

Each entry that follows is part of the Daily Journal called the Millennium Diary, which begins on January 1, 2001, at the official start of the Third Millennium of the Common Era. See How It Began.

The Millennium Diary is a work of fiction. All of its major characters are fictitious and the events that take place are imaginary. When the names of real people living at the time of writing are used, these people appear in the story in a fictional sense. The events in which they appear are imaginary and are not intended to suggest any real activity of the person or persons involved.

To find the entry for a particular day click on Calendar then click on the appropriate day. No entry will appear for a date that has not yet occurred in real time.

Copyright for all of the entries is held by the author, Desmond Berghofer. Permission is granted to use any part of this material as a brief quote or reference as long as appropriate recognition of its source is given.

The entries are posted to this website for free access by all readers. Anyone who wishes to support the writing of the Diary with a small donation is invited to do so by going to How to Support.

Best wishes for your own good work in the new Millennium.